October 7, 2008

Contest to Win Ghost House Underground DVD Collection

Ghost House Pictures has released a DVD collection called the Ghost House Underground DVD Collection:

The following is from the Official Ghost House Pictures site

As part of its focus on the next generation of horror audiences, Ghost House Pictures partnered with Grindstone Entertainment Group, the largest distributor of direct-to-video films, to extend the successful “Ghost House” brand to a series of titles made for the home entertainment market.

Ghost House Pictures and Grindstone Entertainment Group have extended the successful “Ghost House” brand to the home entertainment market. The new film acquisitions company teams Grindstone, the largest distributor of direct-to-video films, with the successful horror genre company led by filmmaker Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, the Spider-Man franchise), Rob Tapert (30 Days of Night, The Grudge films), and Mandate Pictures’ president Nathan Kahane. Ghost House Underground has lined up a slate of eight provocative, independent horror films that will launch the brand, with a focus on groundbreaking product from cutting edge young talent. Ghost House will primarily partner with Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), the leading independent filmed entertainment studio, to distribute many of its planned 12 to 20 genre films annually through Lionsgate’s nearly $600 million a year worldwide home entertainment business.

Some of the films on Ghost House Underground’s slate include Dark Floors from Eurovision Award-winning rock group Lordi and director Pete Riski, which had its international premiere at the European Film Market in Berlin in February; director Gregg Bishop’s Dance of the Dead; director Dave Payne’s No Man’s Land: Rise of the Reeker; director Martin Barnewitz’s Room 205; director Ole Bornedal’s The Substitute; director Igor Shavlak’s Trackman; writer/director Gabriele Albanesi’s Last House in the Woods; and writer/directors Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer The Brotherhood of Blood, which Lionsgate will distribute in North America.

You can now win a copy from the Quiet Earth Site:

This is it folks, your chance to win a copy of Lionsgate's amazing Ghost House Underground Collection! What's the Ghost House Underground Collection you ask? Only the single greatest collection of underground horror films from around the globe coming out this year, all hand picked by legendary director Sam Raimi and his right hand man producer Rob Tapert. The set, which runs 8 films in all, includes many Quiet Earth favorites like Dance of the Dead, Trackman, Dark Floors, Room 205, and many more.

Read more on how to enter


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