October 6, 2009

Big Burst & 30 Days of Night Sequel Updates

The following was posted on ShockTillYouDrop.com and its first in a series of articles coming out of an interview Ryan Rotten, the Managing Editor of the site conducted with Rob via phone:

EXCL: Big Burst & 30 Days of Night Sequel Updates

This afternoon, I spent some time on the phone with producer Rob Tapert (Drag Me to Hell, Evil Dead series) and learned a bit about Ghost House Pictures' upcoming slate.

One project we were curious about in particular was Burst, written by Gary Dauberman. Set during a vicious winter storm, the story focuses on disparate group of folks holed up in a lodge. Soon some of them literally begin to burst in a messy explosion.

I had heard rumblings that momentum was building on this film's development; that Ghost House was aiming to shoot it in 3-D and would partner with Lionsgate to produce. When I hit up Tapert for confirmation, he offered this:

"[Burst] is something we're attempting to bring to the marketplace and there is a director we have danced with and we're trying to dot all of the i's and cross all of the t's. Some time in the next week or two you'll hear about the director you'll know and you'll say, 'Hmm, he could do a really cool version of it.'"

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Support Marissa Members of the AUSXIP Talking Xena message forum submitted questions for Rob and they were sent to him. Rob graciously agreed to answer the majority of the questions which were fantastic and very informative, humorous and very enlightening. It's not often you get such an indepth interview from a Holllywood producer. Sit back and enjoy one of the best interviews with Rob Tapert.

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