December 2, 2009

Rob Interview - The West Australian 2 Dec 2009

The film industry in Auckland must breathe a huge sigh of relief every time US producer Rob Tapert arrives in town.

His close links to the NZ city began in the 1990s with the making of the Hercules series and Xena: Warrior Princess and now he is back living there, having just finished making a new swords-and-sandals series, Spartacus, and with a second series of Legend of the Seeker underway.

And with long-time partner Sam Raimi he has shot a "bunch of horror movies" there over the years.

The first series of Legend of the Seeker has just begun on Fox8.

It is based on Terry Goodkind's The Sword of Truth novels and stars Australian actors Craig Horner (Blue Water High), Jessica Marais (Packed to the Rafters) and Bruce Spence (The Matrix Revolutions), along with Jay Laga'aia (Water Rats, Xena), who grew up in Auckland.

When we speak, Tapert is in Sydney on holiday with his wife Lucy Lawless, who starred in Xena and is also in Spartacus.

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December 1, 2009

Evil Dead Theatre Schedule Released

It was recently announced that Grindhouse Releasing would be bringing Sam Raimi's original horror classic The Evil Dead back to the big screen as a midnight movie. Today we got our hands on the new theatrical one sheet, along with some locations and dates. We're still working out details for our screening in Los Angeles this March, but you can get your tickets now over at the official NuArt website (pull down dates to March 5).

Raimi and producers Robert Tapert and Bruce Campbell gave the go-ahead for a series of EVIL DEAD revival screenings to Grindhouse Releasing partner Bob Murawski, the film editor of Raimi's SPIDER MAN 1, 2 & 3, DRAG ME TO HELL and the EVIL DEAD sequel ARMY OF DARKNESS.

A similar theatrical break is planned for THE EVIL DEAD, with midnight screenings in select theaters across the U.S. and Canada.

THE EVIL DEAD launched Raimi and Tapert’s careers and made star Bruce Campbell a cult movie icon, spawning two hit sequels: EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN and ARMY OF DARKNESS. The EVIL DEAD trilogy has become a fan phenomenon, ranked among the most popular and
acclaimed cult horror movies of all time.

The first dates and venues are below.

January 8-9:
Uptown Theatre, Minneapolis

January 15-16:
Esquire Theatre, Denver

January 29-30:
Sunshine Cinema, New York

February 5-6:
Egyptian Theatre, Seattle

February 19-20:
River Oaks Theatre, Houston

February 26-27:
Inwood, Dallas

March 5: Nuart Theatre,
Los Angeles

May 22
Hudson Horrorshow
Poughkipsie, NY

More cities will be announced as they are confirmed.


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